How To Make A Personalized Photo Album For Mother’s Day

This tutorial for a personalized handmade photo book (the perfect gift for Mother’s Day) will not completely solve the problem that plagues mothers everywhere. But it will surely help.

How can I get the precious photos from my computer and organize/display them – quickly and easily and with very little effort? You can get photo tips from here; https://gotoandlearn.com.

You can give mum precious photos in her hands. In this digital age, it means something safe! It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or a grandmother – a personalized “swag book” to take away.


  • 10 photos
  • 1 sheet of patterned scrapbook paper
  • 1 sheet of solid color scrapbook paper
  • Washi tape or clear tape
  • Ribbon
  • Rule
  • Scissors, x-acto knife or paper cutter
  • Glue for covers (preferably for photo)
  • Photo montage squares (acid-free and harmless to photos)
  • Embellishment (optional)

Note: We are doing this album using 4X6 format photos, but for a more modern look, opt for the square – 5X5 would be perfect. Just make sure the photos you want to use match this size.

1.) First, print or order photos you like (4X6). I made a set for each mother and/or grandmother, including some photos that I know, are their favorites. The noodles helped me choose.

2.) Go paper shopping at the craft store or go down to your hideout. You will need a sheet of ‘fantasy’ paper for the covers and a matching solid color sheet. I bought a few, in fact, in case I made a mistake and needed to start over.

3.) Next, measure and cut your blankets using fancy pattern paper. You will need two pieces, size 4X6 each.

4.) It’s page time. Make sure your solid scrapbook paper is exactly 12 X 12 because sometimes they are removed a few inches and you will need a perfect square to start with. Cut the 12 X 12 sheet in half, creating two 6 X 12-inch sections.

Then measure three 4 ″ long sections on each piece. Fold back to the 4 ″ marks. I used a bone folder to make the folds smooth, but it’s certainly optional.

You will get two pieces of three sections each, of size 4X6 and which wait only for a little sweetness.

  1. Glue the two sections together at the short ends. I used Washi tape because I love this product, but you can use any type of tape, including clear tape. Your album is taking shape! Fold it accordion-wise to help you find the front and back covers.
  2. Make sure the ribbon is long enough to wrap the album and tie it in front, then cut it to the desired length. Glue the ribbon in the middle of the back cover, leaving its free ends on the sides.
  3. Now glue your fancy scrapbook covers to the front and back. The back of the blanket will be glued to the ribbon. The photo below is upside down, sorry, but it illustrates how the back of the cover should look – in other words, the back of the cover is at the top of the photo, with the ribbon.
  4. Next? The fun part. Arrange your photos on the remaining open pages, front, and back. I like that they are all confronted in the same way and that they keep the same families of colors. But it’s great to exercise your creativity here!
  5. Use photo montage squares at the four corners of each photo. Attach to pages.
  6. I stuck a metal label holder (found in the embellishment section of the album) on the cover of the label. Tie the bow, and, you have a personalized photo album for Mother’s Day, handmade with love.