Mental Health Insurance – Understanding Your Options

For people who need mental health care, insurance is often an afterthought. Until recently, it was difficult to even find insurance providers who were willing to give people the coverage that they needed when it came to healthcare issues of the mind. Fortunately, between state laws and a better understanding of mental health, insurance companies […]

Health Insurance Issues – Mental Health Coverage Solutions

Mental health coverage has come a long way with private health insurance companies. It still doesn’t offer the best coverage for everyone, but the improvements that have been made are significant. Still, people need to learn about mental health coverage and see what their best options are when they are shopping for private health insurance. […]

Mental Health Coverage – The Future of Mental Health Coverage

Those with mental illnesses not only have to deal with the stress of their condition, but also must put up with reduced health coverage. Many insurers do not cover mental illnesses; those that do, often limit the amount of treatments or medication covered. In fact, those with mental disorders often receive far less coverage than […]