6 must have factors that should not be missing from SEO practices!

As we know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The optimizing sites for search engines are a great way to attract consumers to online platforms. Thus, SEO definition is constantly evolving. However, the effort is worth it – about 70% to 80% of users focus exclusively on organic results and ignore paid ads. In addition, about 28% of these searches are converted and result in a purchase. In order to have a first-rate SEO performance, it is necessary to pay attention to many metrics, including traffic, backlinks and shares on social networks, etc. Check out the following.

Relevant and valuable content

If you don’t produce relevant and valuable content for your buyer persona, it makes no sense to follow any SEO tips. This is a trend that will never change. This is because all the factors analyzed by the Google algorithm are in some way related to the user experience. In order for your visitors to feel satisfied when entering your site, they need to access rich and authentic content that offers what they are looking for. If this does not happen, the user presses the back button and chooses another one of the several options present in the search results. 

User experience (UX)

User satisfaction remains extremely relevant to the success of an SEO strategy. However, it is important to emphasize that this satisfaction does not depend only on qualified and relevant content. It is necessary to offer a complete experience. Therefore, investing in user experience (UX) techniques is one of the main SEO trends for 2021. When accessing your site, your visitors should find fast-loading pages, intuitive menus and other elements that make the experience richer and more efficient.

SEO for mobile

If you’ve been following the SEO trends of the past few years, you’ve no doubt realized that SEO for mobile devices was among them and it was no accident. Since 2019, Google has been analyzing mobile website pages as primary versions, leaving desktop versions as secondary. So, SEO for mobile is the key to the success of your strategy and it becomes even more relevant in 2021. This is because the number of people who access the internet from smart phones continues to grow.

Zero-click searches

Over time, Google makes changes to the design and layout of the search results page to provide faster and more effective consumer experiences. Recently, the platform started to focus on zero-click searches. More than 50% of searches on Google end without the user clicking on anything. This content must be able to directly answer questions entered by users in the search bar. That way, the public can find exactly what they are looking for in Google itself.

Site security

It is not new that Google considers the security status of your site when analyzing its relevance and its ranking. Therefore, if you want your SEO strategy to be successful, it is important to add security features, such as specialized plugins and SSL certificates. In 2021, the trend is that the protection of websites becomes even more important.

Local SEO

The Covid-19 pandemic was the great event of 2020. In addition to the consequences that the period of social detachment has had on Health and Welfare, consumers have also had their habits changed. During the pandemic period, there was a greater appreciation of local trade. This was due to several factors. First, the economic crisis has led local people to focus on supporting the local market to keep the economy going. Likewise, transportation limitations have prompted more people to look for establishments near their homes. This is where local SEO comes in.