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Your last working day can be as overwhelming as the first day of your job. There are just about a thousand things you need to take care of, documents to collect, things to sign. But there is one thing that is not official yet equally important i.e. sending out a goodbye email to colleagues. It doesn’t matter whether you have worked at that place for one year or ten, sending a goodbye email is the polite thing to do. It ensures you end things on a positive note as well as leaves the opportunity open for people to stay in touch with you.

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That being said, writing a goodbye email can be overwhelming. It is difficult to put your chain of thoughts into a few words for your email. Hence, here are a few samples of goodbye email to colleagues that can help you pen down your own:

Sample #1

Hello All,

I want to bid farewell and wish to inform you that I am leaving my position at [Name of the company]. My last working day is [Date of last day at work].

I have thoroughly enjoyed working for this company and I appreciate this wonderful opportunity that I got to work with you all.

During these last three and a half years, you all have supported me and through your encouragement and guidance, I have been able to shine at the projects offered to me.  I have shared a unique friendship with many of you which I hope will continue in the years to come even though I shall not be here with the company.

I am looking forward to this new position that will add more experience to my career. I wish each of you and the company every success in all its future endeavors.

If you wish to stay in touch, you can reach me at my email [email address] or you can also add me on LinkedIn.

With best regards,

[Name of the employee]

Sample #2

Dear All,

After a year of an exciting and memorable time with [Name of the company], I am bidding adieu next week to pursue a new position at [Name of the new company]. Before leaving, I would like to take a moment to reminisce and cherish our times together. It’s been great interacting with all of you and getting to know some of you personally. While it is true that I will miss working here, I am looking forward to this new challenge and to start a new phase of my career.

Do stay in touch. You can reach me at [Contact information] and also add me on LinkedIn [Profile ID].

Good luck with all your future endeavors.

Warm regards,

[Name of the employee]

Sample #3 [Saying goodbye to the manager]

Hi [Name of the colleague],

Acknowledge this email as my goodbye to [Name of the company]. My last working day is next Friday, [Date]. I want to take a few minutes today to communicate my thoughts on being part of your team for the past five years.

I have been extremely satisfied with my work at [name of the company] Working under your leadership has been a great learning and pleasant experience. I thank you for your constant support and encouragement during the course of my employment.

However, I feel that it is time for me to move on and seek new opportunities. I hope you know that this decision was not an easy one and it took a lot of consideration. That being said, I believe this decision is in the best interest of fulfilling my career goals.

I want to inform you that I will do my best in completing my existing responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition.

Also, I would like to extend my best wishes to the entire group. I hope we can always stay in touch. You can reach me at [email address] or call me at [cell number].

If you have any additional questions, I will be pleased to help.

I wish you and the company, lots of success in all your future endeavors.


[Name of the employee]

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