Booking professional Washington DC Escorts – The Do’s and Dont’s Part

Escort girls are freely available. They will be willing to enjoy sexual pleasure in any way you want. They are open for both –Male and Female clients. They get engaged in Solo, Bisexual or Unisexual experience with their clients.

  • If you are a girl then you can hire a girl Escorts to enjoy your best lesbian time.
  • For adventure-loving couples, these girls and boys are available for bisexual experience.
  • If you want to create history, then you can also hire a professional Cougar of your choice.

Even if this is the case, still when hiring professional Washington DC Escorts there a few “do’s and no to do’s” that you may have to follow.

Basic points to keep in mind

Always remember that the escort business is full of risk factors. It certainly may pose risk for everyone involved – Agency, Girls or even Clients. So, if you are a client or an escort or running your business, you should take all possible precautions as per your role play.


Both escort girls and clients have certain “do- factors” that they should remember. It is always advisable for both clients and escort girls to protect their real identity from being disclosed in this field. So clients and escort girls should never share their true identity details with each other.

When meeting, it is advisable to just enjoy some good sex time and then forget about it later.

Avoid being obsessed

Both clients and escort girls get obsessed with each other for multiple reasons. Girls get obsessed with the lifestyle the client has been leading in his normal life. Clients simply get obsessed with the looks and figure of these girls.

Try to just enjoy the time you paid for and then avoid getting obsessed with her as she may not be the same for her lifetime. For escorts as well, it is better to collect pays, offer clients the best time and then look around for another client.

You need to keep in mind that obsession for both clients and escorts may pose a dangerous threat to them.

Avoid sharing personal mobile details

If you are a client, then sharing a personal mobile number with an escort would offer her the freedom to call you during any time of day or night. If you are an escort, then your clients may call you up at a time, they feel free.

So to avoid this, it is better not to share personal mobile details with each other. You have to keep in mind that Washington DC escorts are there to entertain and get entertained.

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