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Color Psychology: Bedroom Colors

Experts assure that, although we usually paint our homes every four or five years, it is recommended to do it every three years. This is because the passage of time creates the dust effect, and the light makes the colors lose strength on the walls.

If you are thinking of painting your house again, you will face the doubt of the colors. The psychology of color can help when choosing bedroom colors (สี ภายใน ห้อง นอน, which is the term). In this article, we will talk about different colors for bedrooms and the impact they have on people.

  1. Paint The Bedroom Blue, The Big Favorite

Without a doubt, blue is a great favorite when it comes to painting bedrooms. Although it could answer a question of taste, it also has to do with the psychology of color. Blue is the color of sympathy, harmony and happiness. A color that reminds us of heaven and water.

Therefore, it helps and promotes relaxation. It is clear that not all shades of blue create the same effect. For this reason, light colors are much more recommended.

  1. Paint The Bedroom Green, Contact With Nature

Just as blue reminds us of the sky or the sea, green transport us to the wildest nature. It is another of the most used bedroom colors. It is a fresh color that alleviates anxiety and, considering that in a bedroom we want to rest, it can be an excellent idea.

It is associated with relaxation of the nervous system and a decrease in blood pressure, as in the previous case, better in lighter tones, without affecting too dark greens.

  1. Lilac Bedrooms

Lilac is nothing more than a low-intensity purple. Lavender can also be another excellent option. They are colors that are full of femininity and spirituality. The color of magic, intimacy, esotericism and mystery. It is widely used in bathrooms, but in bedrooms, it could also be an interesting option, since it manages to create completely stress-free spaces.

  1. Paint The Bedroom Pink, Feminine And Sweet

Pink, as well as lilac, is widely used in women’s bedrooms. Although it is not strange to see adult dormitories painted in this color. In other words, it is not only reserved for the typical children’s rooms for girls. It is that pink is sweet, loving, capable of creating delicate spaces ideal for rest. Here, as in blue, green or even yellow, pastel shades have favored its use.

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