Creative Gifts For the Upcoming Christmas Festivities

In just two days, it’s Christmas!! By now your Christmas preparations have come to an end. The living room is all decked up with a Christmas tree, wreaths, fairy lights, and other Xmas decorations. The trials of the Christmas feast have been successfully done, and now it’s time to tick off the last thing in the preparations, and that gift. Because Christmas is the joyous time of the year and there is a ritual of sending gifts to your dearest ones as Secret Santa, you cannot simply miss on the gift choices. The year 2020 has been all about personalized gifts and creative gifts. Therefore, sharing a gift guide with lots of great options; just for your dear ones. 

  1. Christmas Candles: For the festivities of Christmas, people like to decorate their homes beautifully with Christmas trees, wreaths, candles, and other decorations. Some of these decorations, like a Christmas tree and wreaths, have auspicious symbolizations as well. Hence, Christmas candles or Christmas candle combos are the best-suited gifts. From online stores, you can get some creative candles like Christmas tree candles, Santa sock candles, Santa-shaped candles, a pillar candle with a snowman, sparkling candles, and lanterns. 
  1. Plum Cakes: When it’s Christmas, how can plum cakes stay far behind. Plum cakes are the celebratory sweet delicacy. You can bake a chocolate plum cake, traditional plum cake with rum and raisins, plum cake with nuts or avail its online cake delivery in Bangalore. If you avail the online cake delivery of plum cakes, you have the option to send along add-ons or plum cake combos as well. 

  1. Chocolates: Tis is the season of chocolates. Chocolates are always welcomed as gifts. As it’s the winter season, go with chocolates loaded with nuts and dry fruits to make the recipient relish the sweetness of Christmas and warmth of winters. Personalized chocolate boxes, hot chocolate, chocolate boxes, baskets, and hampers are all your ideal gift options. 
  1. Peek-A-Boo Boxes: One of the creative and personalized gifts for the Christmas season. Peek-a-boo boxes are loaded with goodies like Christmas decorations, chocolates, candles, Santa, greeting card, and other items. You can personalize it by adding some personalized gifts. You can add some quirky gifts like a 3d greeting card or Christmas themed pens to give it a quirky touch. 
  1. Personalized Gifts: We said earlier also personalized gifts were the major highlight of the year 2020; therefore, you can send personalized gifts on Christmas to anyone without second thoughts. Magic cups, cushions, wall posters, lamps, clocks, and explosion boxes are your perfect choices. 
  2. Pop-Up Boxes: Another creative gift for Christmas that you can give to kids. A Snowman pop up box with a snowman foil balloon, stuffed snowman and Christmas decorations. Another one is Santa pop up box with Santa foil balloon, Santa coffee mug, and Christmas tree and decorations. 
  1. Greeting Card: If you think greeting cards are cliche, you haven’t come across personalized greeting cards or 3D-greeting cards. Personalized greeting cards are designed with a photo of the recipient, whereas 3D-greeting cards are unique to gift and receive. 
  1. Plants: Plants are the forever choice. You can gift them on Christmas as well. Christmas themed planters or vases wrapped with Christmas wishes will make the conducive festive atmosphere. Layered Bamboo plant, Money Plant, Poinsettia plant and plant combos like a plant with Christmas tree, plum cake, decorations, Santa cap can be gifted. 

Now, even your Christmas gift shopping list is sorted. Buy these gifts for your dear ones and spread the loudest cheer!