Ensure Affordable Secured Data Storage With HPE LTO Ultrium 6250 Tape Drive

Tape backup systems have played a critical role in data storage for a long time. But with the introduction of cloud technology, the entire concept of data storage is changing. Although cloud storage is the most viable alternative to the tapes for long-term data storage, the tapes are also improving in quality, leading to an effective means of data backup. If you are considering data protection, then the tape backup process will be effective in satisfying the business needs.

Capacity is high

The first advantage of the HPE LTO Ultrium 6250 Tape Drive is the large storage capacity. The modern-day manufacturers of the tapes are constantly increasing the storage capacity for meeting the growing demands of the companies. If you possess the tape, you will get access to the high-capacity storage, which will come in a surprisingly small physical package. This way, you can easily avoid the burden of building any separate backup facility and purchase additional equipment for tape backup maintenance. 

Affordable option

The tape backup cost will be lower than the disk or cloud backups, especially when you calculate the cost per gigabyte. Moreover, the tape drive will aid in creating offline data storage, which will need lower maintenance and support. It is, in fact, the most cost-effective option for the storage of large amounts of legacy data. 

Scalable option

You should never forget the scalability of the tape backup. All you need to do is to buy a new tape drive and add it to the tape gallery, instead of building any new facility for its place ent. But increasing the storage space in the disk-based storage systems will require the addition of expensive hardware. these three reasons are the key factors governing the popularity of the tape data backup systems. The premium manufacturers are upgrading the features of the drives too.