Here’s How to Do London erotic massage For Your Partner Effectively

One of the most popular ways to relieve yourself of stress and tiredness is through getting any type of massage. But did you know that massage can also be a great way to improve the intimate relations between you and your partner?

Yes, you have read it right – in fact, there is one particular type of massage service that is made primarily for such purpose, aside from being an effective reliever of pain and stress. That type of massage is popularly known as erotic massage.

Sure, you and your partner can get it from professional massage therapists at popular massage parlors in your place. But the truth is, you can provide the best erotic massage to your partner that can even go on par with the best London erotic massage.

What is Erotic Massage, Anyway?

For those who haven’t heard of this massage type before, erotic massage is the one that makes use of a variety of strokes, touches, other massage techniques, as well as some products that can stimulate sensuality, to increase the sexual energy of the person receiving the massage.

What is the use of increasing the sexual energy of the person? This is the main purpose of erotic massage – the sexual energy produced by the techniques used in this massage type, once distributed well all over the body, will be greatly effective to provide relaxation and pain relief to the person, aside from improving the sexual health of the person by treating various sexual disorders and ensuring better sexual functions.

How to Do Erotic Massage With Your Partner

Prepare the room where you will do the London erotic massage. The lighting must be set to make a warm atmosphere. Use the most fragrant scents that can release the sensual aroma that can set the mood and relax your lover. Set the massage bed and blanket that can be made of any soft and comfortable materials.

Prepare your massaging skills of rubbing your hands warm right before starting to do a series of strokes and touches to your partner’s body. Make sure that your partner lies comfortably on the bed completely naked. Start by giving some caresses on the head area – the hair, face, and neck – by doing some circular strokes on them with your fingers.

After that, turn your lover to the other side, making sure that he or she is lying face down, with the blanket covering the lower of the body from the waist down.

This time, make use of your entire hand, applying the right amounts of oil on your hands right before giving the right amount of strokes and kneads on the neck, shoulder, and upper back areas. This can be done repeatedly until you see that your partner feels better than before.

After that, you can continue working on the lower part of your partner’s body after being through with the head and the upper body. Apply more oil once you have run out of oil on your hands. Continue working on the buttocks, thigh, legs, knees, and feet, using the same way on how you gave massage strokes to other parts of your lover’s body.