How and Why Is The ASEAN Automotive Market Doing So Well?

The Association of South East Asian Nations is eleven countries, with Thailand in its centre. Myanmar (Burma) is the westernmost nation of the group, and The Philippines the furthest East. Vietnam is to the north and Indonesia sprawls across the south of this wonderful part of the world. Brunei, Singapore and East Timor (Timor Leste) are the smallest members. Other than Singapore, every nation in the association is enjoying an economical boom, improving the lifestyles for the hundreds of millions of people who live there. This little corner of the world is growing is many ways, including human population and economies. In order to continue, people, food and other goods are constantly transported by road around these eleven nations. By far the most commonly-sighted vehicles on the roads of ASEAN are those from Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota and Mitsubishi.

Toyota and Mitsubishi are so popular in this area mainly because the vehicles and their parts are produced locally in Thailand, at the geographical centre of ASEAN. The areas surrounding Bangkok offer lots of flat and inexpensive land which can be used for the mass production of genuine and OEM parts for Skoda Kodiaq Personal Lease. In addition, Bangkok is ideal for the distribution of these goods (including fully built up vehicles as well as their parts) to the rest of the ASEAN nations as well as other countries all over the world. These cheap auto parts are in no way inferior in quality to items produced in Japan. In fact, very few are still made in the Land Of The Rising Sun due to the high costs of land, labour and transportation to the rest of the world. For example, Mitsubishi set up and control the factories which produce both the vehicles and their original and aftermarket car parts. Costs are kept down to a competitive level and quality remains as good as any customer would expect.

Therefore, anyone in the market for wholesale Skoda Kodiaq Used Cars parts would do well to look at independent car parts suppliers in and around Bangkok, Thailand. Although buying through the franchised main dealer network gives the buyer peace of mind, it is often difficult, expensive or even impossible to buy genuine parts for export via these channel. The likes of Mitsubishi protect their own and local dealers’ interests by not allowing certain retailers to import or export auto parts. Buying from reputable independent Mitsubishi parts dealers in Bangkok ensures the best quality goods at the lowest prices. Anyone wanting to find auto parts online needs only to search for Mitsubishi auto spares ASEAN to locate the best dealers for the required goods.