Opportunity In The Gift.

Giving is a luxury that we love as stated in . Giving a gift is very nice, but we can’t always afford that luxury. In our hands, what is in our hands is to put delicacy and good taste in our gifts when we can do them. An excellent detail made with opportunity is worth more than a valuable object at the wrong time.

We have said that gifts are usually made on designated days. For example, We must not let the saint of our fathers pass without offering them a souvenir, or “Mother’s Day”. Due to carelessness or negligence, we often do not do it, and it is a lack of attention that can cause them an upset. Do not think that trust excuses everything. We are generally more accommodating to strangers than to our own, keeping our attention for strangers.

The Best Attentions, For Ours.

There are many families in which there are no significant troubles. But little intimacy is noticed between the people who form it. They all respect each other. But they live their life separately. Do not believe, however, that they are indifferent and cold individuals. If we follow any of them out of their home, we will see them solicitously serving friends, indulging in finesse, delicately showing their affection. Why?

Because worldly success satisfies them more than family affection, it is a mistake to believe that attentions are at odds with trust. On the contrary, we must ensure that our family members’ relationships are close because of the home where the close friendship reigns can provide us with more solid and permanent satisfaction than the worldly ones.

Try to be attentive and helpful to your brothers in your home. You will see how, even if your effort goes unnoticed at first, you will gradually manage to do the others in your style because each response, generally, to the treatment they perceive.