Paint by Numbers: More Than Just a Hobby

Painting can be a fun and enjoyable hobby, and for beginners, Paint by Numbers is a great place to start. It’s a simple and stress-free way to explore your artistic side, improve cognitively and creatively, and achieve a sense of satisfaction from creating something beautiful. In this article, we will explore the art of custom paint by number, its history, how it works, the benefits, and how to get started.

Paint by number first appeared in the early 1950s as a leisure activity for children and adults. It quickly gained popularity, as it provided an easy way to create beautiful paintings with no formal training. It was even marketed as a “patentable process of art education.” It involves pre-drawn outlines on canvas or paper, with each shape labeled with a numbered code. These are then filled in with corresponding colours.

The popularity of Paint by numbers peaked in the 1960s. But the concept has enjoyed a resurgence of late, thanks to a growing interest in adult coloring books that focus on mindfulness and stress relief. The beauty of painting-by-numbers lies in its simplicity. It allows anyone to paint at their own pace, with no pressure to create a masterpiece. And the results are always satisfying.

Apart from the personal benefits such as stress relief and relaxation, Paint by Numbers can help with cognitive and creative development. It can improve focus and concentration over time, as it requires close attention to detail, planning, and organization skills. It can also boost confidence levels and foster a sense of accomplishment after completing a project.

Getting started with Paint by Numbers can be easy and affordable. There is an abundance of online retailers that offer various paint-by-number sets from different genres like landscapes, animals, and famous artworks. These sets include all the materials you need: a canvas or paper with the outlines, numbered paints, and brushes. Additionally, craft stores also sell paint-by-number kits that allow an increase of customization and perhaps a more personalized project.

Once you have your kit, it’s essential to prepare your workspace. Ensure the lighting conditions are adequate and have a flat surface for painting. You may also choose to use a paint palette or other tools that could aid in the painting process. Before starting, familiarize yourself with the numbers and figures on the canvas; this will save time and aid in reducing stress and the logistical challenges of painting.

When beginning to paint, set your own pace and enjoy the experience. It is not necessary to rush to completion or fret about artistic abilities. Take breaks when needed, and remember that painting-by-numbers is a relaxing activity, not a race. Additionally, you may learn some painting tips by watching tutorials or reading online guides relevant to the chosen kit.


Paint-by-numbers may have originated over half a century ago, yet it remains an enjoyable activity suitable for all ages. It offers a perfect escape in today’s fast-paced world and can enhance the well-being of creator’s in many ways. It encourages creativity, cognitive skills, stress relief, and a sense of accomplishment. Starting with paint-by-numbers is easy, and with a little patience and practice, anyone can become a skilled painter. So dive into the world of Paint by Number, relax, and enjoy the creativity.