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Storage in the Right Format: What You Can Expect

Good planning for the storage of goods is essential for the logistics and distribution of products. So, be aware that optimizing operations can affect company costs and delivery speed. Check out some tips to plan the warehouse logistics and ensure better results for the business.

Logistics tips to optimize the storage of products in the warehouse Pay attention to the storage planning of the goods want to stand out from the competition? For this, pay attention to the storage planning. As we said before, when done well, it can optimize results and encourage the growth of the company, as this activity is completely linked to costs and, consequently, to profit! Some experts in the subject confirm that the storage of products corresponds to 25% to 30% of the value of the product per year. But each case is different! Enlist the help of an expert so that this planning is carried out well. Know the whole process, from the arrival of the product to the warehouse until the moment it arrives at your client, so it will be possible to create strategies and seek new solutions. Now storage Pattaya offers the best solutions in this case.


Know that it will be necessary to invest in a modern and quality infrastructure for the storage process to be efficient. It values ​​the good flow in space and means that optimize access according to the necessary demand. The ideal positioning of the goods is that at one end are the products that have just arrived and at the other are the products that will be dispatched. Leave the process in a linear format. Thus, you will optimize the handling of the goods.

When we talk about logistics, we are dealing with strategic and complex processes. In addition to the most immediate decisions, about the management of inputs and finished products, the stock and flow structure must be robust and organized. The storage models, therefore, stand out as the ideal tool to optimize this process: it is through them (and their particularities) that the manager can visualize the flow of his procedures and, thus, undertake adjustments and improvements. It is important, however, to make sure that you make an assertive and efficient choice. Among the options, some of the systems will certainly be adequate to the needs of your business. Get the best from storage Pattaya now.

Own Storage

As its name suggests, the modality is fully managed by the company – even though the warehouse is not physically attached to the production units. In this model, it is recurrent that some distribution centers are positioned in strategic places, facilitating the flow of goods. Even though self-storage gives full management power to business managers, it is not always interesting to move away from the core business, and that is, what makes a profit for the company, which is the product itself. Therefore, it is important to carefully analyze whether it is worthwhile (structurally and financially) to maintain responsibility for the storage model.

Contracted Storage

In the case of the model that establishes the contracting of suppliers to deal with warehousing procedures, there is a certain division of tasks. In this model, the company rents a physical space for its goods, continuing to control the entire flow process and allocate its teams for handling work.

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