Technology and Gadget Evolution

It wasn’t too long ago, when tiny camera’s, night vision, voice recognition technology and many more technological advances were not available to the general public. They were more suited to corporate organisations and the military who could afford it. But now, in the so called Technological age, that’s all changed. Now freely available in consumer electronics. But for a very cheap price too considering the technology.

Remember when CGI technology blew peoples minds when it was first seen. Now you probably wont see many movies without it. And remember when gadgets were exclusively for make belief secret agents such as 007 or Inspector Gadget. Now we see an entire market for gadgets for the public, from Mobile Phones to laser pens. It just shows how technology is moving along faster than an F1 race car. Why is this? It’s simple, there’s so much demand for gadgets, technology and anything that has a red LED that blinks. Companies have whole departments set on making something smaller and better at the cheapest price.

It wont be long until we find futuristic gadgets we see in movies today appearing in your local supermarket for shirt buttons. In fact even now innovation is happening, with the first motion sensing technology being used in video games consoles without the need for a controller.

Gadgets and Technology are certainly in the limelight, even this article was written using it. Voice and Camera spy gadgets although they are used more for aids in stuff like courses, meeting or lectures and less for the “spy” element they are widely available for extremely cheap prices. I guess technology will continue to grow rapidly until we get nanotechnology freely available and so on.

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