The best reason why parents should encourage kids to write santa letters

Christmas and santa Claus are two things that go hand in hand. Every kid out their loves gifts from Santa Claus and writes santa letters to them. Kids not just find enjoyment in writing santa letters but also love when they get reply backs as gifts from Santa’s, which are from parents. Even though from outside one might see a kid just writing santa letters, there are many things going on inside. Kids learn loads while writing santa letters. A few of the best reasons why parents should encourage kids to write santa letters are:

It helps them with the language and grammar.

One of the best things kids learn while writing santa letters is language and grammar. The kid might write the letter in any language it doesn’t matter, but what matters is that parents should encourage their kids to write on their own and only help them when it’s a necessity. This way, the kids will learn more about the language and learn grammar too. They might even start to apply things which they learned in school. It is a great experience while applying things that kids only learnt in theory.

It helps them keep and make a list.

Another thing a kid learns while writing santa letters is making lists. A kid knows that he/she can’t ask for everything in the world and has to narrow down the choice to one or two gifts. It is where the kid learns how to prioritize things and how to list them according to their importance. Another thing a kid learns while writing santa letters is making decisions on what it wants and how to narrow it further down. The next thing a kid learns is to keep and make a list. Keeping things organized is a great skill that can be learned from writing these letters.

They will learn letter-writing skills.

One of the best things kids can learn while writing santa letters is letter writing skills. Letter writing skills are quite crucial in the next phase of a kid’s life. All the business emails are sent in the format of letters. Therefore, writing a letter as a kid can be a challenge for kids to prepare them for the time when they grow up. Therefore, encourage the kids to write more and that too in a formal format of letter writing. One can help them if necessary or else just wait till they finish and teach them the better ways.

They will learn to be polite.

Another thing a kid can learn from writing letters is being polite. A santa letter is usually written by kids to ask for gifts from santa. One can’t directly ask for the gift like ordering around. Therefore, a kid needs to be polite before asking for gifts from santa. Therefore, a kid will learn gratitude and politeness while writing letters to santa and try to keep the tone warmer and merry.

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