Top Rated Pubs And Bars in Puerto Escondido

When you are in Puerto Escondido, you have to enjoy the city’s wonderful nightlife. This Mexican city in the state of Oaxaca, is situated by the beach and enjoys nightlife always. From luxury pubs to cheap bars, you can always find the suitable place according to your budget. The bars and pubs host parties and live events which will make you groove throughout the night. Whether it is an open beach pub or your regular bars, you can find them all in this city. So, if you are planning to eat one of the top rated puerto escondido restaurant and bars, check out this blog to find the best locations.

  • Atemoztli Foro – one of the best bars in the town, the Atemoztli Foro is a great place where you can enjoy live music and wonderful drinks at the same time. Almost every day you can find a band or solo singer performing here. It is situated just next to the ever beautiful Zicatela Beach. From the second floor of the bar, you can enjoy a wonderful view and terrific ambience whenever you are at this amazing bar. Whether you listen to reggae, rock, blues, Mexicana, or Salsa, you’ll find all kinds of music on every other day.
  • BarFly – the hottest techno house in Puerto Escondido, BarFly is a place where you can socialize with a lot of people because of the huge popularity of this club. Popular theme parties that last till the dawn can actually help you enjoy the whole night with many other people who love to party here. You can try out their wide range of drinks that can be found from their menu. From delicious tortillas and quesadilla along with in-house beer or any other of your choice. If you want to party on the rooftop and celebrate the night, then BarFly is definitely a fun place to be.
  • Casa Babylon – great mojito and music are the two main attractions of Casa Babylon. This wonderful pub is filled with different artworks and you can click some Instagram worthy pictures. The biggest reason to be here is to enjoy the ambience and atmosphere that develops here after the evening. People join here to dance and have fun together almost every day. You can order from their assorted range of mojitos that are present on the menu. Even their wide selection of beer and tequila drinks are a few things to die for. Their bar is one of the best in the whole town of Puerto Escondido.
  • Split Coconut – situated right by the beach, if you want to spend the day in peace and harmony, then you should visit this pub right away. Tune into your favorite music and relax under a cabana for the rest of the day. Or just head out to the beach with a delicious drink and bathe under the sun. This pub hosts live music of different genres like classic blues and rock. You can even ask them to set up an open air grill on the beach where you can party with all of your friends all night. Have the best time of your life under the starry night and clear skies here.

So, these are the top rated pubs and bars where you can head out to enjoy a wonderful time partying and dancing through the night. Each of the pubs mentioned on this list are really popular and that is why you can easily find the way to them. Make sure to check out their menu once before you go to find out if the place really suits your budget or not.

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