Types of reels on slots

Playing slots at Hobimain will need that you, first of all, know the type of reels on slots so that you enjoy the game and also play for the money in it.  Reels are an important part as far as slots machines are concerned.

When the button on the spin is pressed, the reels start rotating at a very high speed. When it stops, the level of success of the player or their failure is then revealed. No matter where you are playing across the globe, the reels of the slots machines are split into two main categories:


Slots that have this type of reels include the real reels, arranging themselves in a line that is horizontal after the spin button is pressed, or pulls the lever that is located on the side of the slot machine. There are various symbols on the reels, and it is the configuration of the images that determine whether a player is going to receive a payment or not.  The mechanical reels are very traditional and seem to belong in the past. It is very hard to find in the set up of a modern casino.


Instead of having the physical reels that come with symbols, the virtual slot reels offer a virtual presentation. All the slots online fall in this category of reels as do most of the games that you will be able to find in modern gaming establishments. Because the game is not limited to the symbol numbers, it allows for various icons to be on display and many winning combinations to be in the offing.

Reels are what define a slot machine, and they are available in both virtual and mechanical forms. The virtual type has become what defines the industry, and it is what makes the online gamers experience at Hobimain, the mechanical reel while playing online.

Slots are also available in a variety of denominations of range, which then allows players to be able to tailor their experience in gaming to what they are capable of economically. While slots which have higher denominations tend to give out large jackpots, smaller games denominations are the ones that give out more payouts frequently.

Whether virtual or mechanical, there are a certain number of reels that tend to be displayed on the machine’s face. Games with three reels and five reels are the most common ones though you might come across those that give out six reels or seven reels.

Three-reel slots

The design is simple, and it is a layout that is common when it comes to classic versions of the games between the 1940s up to the 1980s. While most of them are no longer in the market, they are still being manufactured in numbers because there are players who still feel that they offer what they are looking for. Good qualities are limited, which makes them be a good option for those on a budget.

Five reel slots Designers have been allowed by virtual slots machines to add various features to what they create with an increase in the reel numbers being noticeable like on this type of slot machine.