Why are Digital Nomad workers moving to Bali and how can you join them?

So, becoming a digital nomad sparked your interest? There are many other nomads already living in Bali but why is that?

First of all, Bali is a gorgeous place, and many tourists are attracted to the location because there is so many things you can do and experience first-hand. However, Bali has good weather all-round and the cost of living in the city is affordable.  With the price of living being reasonable, you also get the option to visit the beautiful beaches, temples, mountains, forests and much more.

You can join the other digital nomads that are already living the dream by searching for a remote job through However, of course you can be at any location and city you feel more comfortable, but if you really want to pursue the Bali dream, you can and whilst you’re at take a look at our Bali city guide exclusively from