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Why do people prefer Triexta carpets over Nylon?

You have definitely heard nylon several times but are you familiar with Triexta fabric? And what do you think? Why do people prefer this new fiber over tried-and-tested nylon? To get answers to your questions, you may have a little knowledge regarding this fabric. Made from poly trimethylene terephthalate, Triexta is a synthetic fiber that is mainly used for carpets and offers somewhat similarities to polyester. Now it’s time to compare it with nylon. So, let’s get started:

  1. Durability And Quality

Both Triexta and nylon come in several qualities. Thus all carpet fibers differ from each other. When it comes to the comparison between the two, nylon is probably tops in terms of durability because it is more resilient. It means it has a great ability to bounce back from compaction.

The manufacturer of Triexta carpets named Mohawk says that Triexta carpets are also very strong and durable as nylon but the only problem lies in Triexta’s relative youth issue. It was first available in 2009 whereas nylon has been used for centuries.

  • Cost

Although Triexta carpet fiber is new, it is more cost-effective than nylon. But it doesn’t mean that all nylon carpets are costly. As the production of nylon fiber is more expensive than Triexta, this is the reason why nylon will likely be pricier than Triexta.

  • Warranties

Triexta carpet fiber comes out the winner when it comes to warranties. Warranty of every brand differs, depending upon the manufacturer and quality of carpet, but overall, the warranties of this newer fabric are generally more comprehensive and longer than nylon.

  • Stain Resistance

Being hydrophobic in nature, Triexta carpet fiber is more resistant to stains because it doesn’t absorb water-based substances. Moreover, it requires less cleaning and maintenance and saves your money from chemical-laden spot treatment products. By contrast, nylon is not good to resist stains and they are extremely difficult to clean.

  • Environmentally-friendly

The majority of Triexta carpets are sold under the label of Mohawk’s SmartStrand, which features rapidly renewable corn glucose instead of petroleum. It benefits both your indoor and outdoor environments because they produce only fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause serious health issues.

Nylon, on the other hand, doesn’t produce from any renewable resource but some types are made with recycled content, making it beneficial to the environment.

Thus both of these carpet types are eco-friendly and each benefits the environment in its own way. But if you consider environmental friendliness and it is among your top concerns, then you should go for the fiber that has been made from natural sources.

Thus, when we compare the two carpet fibers, Triexta is better because it offers so many benefits over nylon, except for durability and resilience power. In fact, it is a great alternative to nylon in terms of eco-friendliness, cost, and stain resistance.

So, what do you think is better? Come on and share your thoughts with us! I would be glad to know your experience.

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