You can find Johar, while searching for Inspirational Movies about common man life


The inspirational movies always give a positive vibration in life. In Telugu movies, these kinds of movies are very less. While searching for inspirational movies about common life, you can find Johan movie in the frontline. The movie was directed by debutant director TejaMarni. Due to Covid 19 lockdown, the theatres are closed, in this situation Johar released through exclusive Telugu OTT aha movies and became the biggest hit in movies on Aha. 

It is not a regular commercial movie like routine Telugu movies, but it has strong content, which the audience do not turn their head before the screen while watching the movie.  Johar is trending good at movies on Aha and also in present Telugu movies.  Let’s check the highlights and other details of Johar, before going to browse it at movies on Aha. 


Manga (Easwari Rao), who lost her husband due to an Udhanam liver problem, leases a farm to earn money to treat her daughter who is also suffering from the same disease.


A boy (Ankit) who works in a tea shop in Varanasi falls in love with a girl (Esther) who lives in a brothel. If her mother is looking to land herself in the same profession.. she will run away from home and move to another town with this guy. Achieve a scholarship and hope for higher studies.

The freedom fighter (ShubhalekhaSudhakar) runs the ashram in accordance with the values​​… it is in ruins and applies to the government for funds. A young woman (NainaGanguly) who makes a living doing circus feats on the road wants to become an athlete. She gets a place in the academy but is unable to achieve her ambition without getting the nutrition she needs.

The son (Chaitanya Krishna) who became the Chief Minister after the death of his father hopes to erect a huge statue so that the people will remember his father as God forever. However, he will take some of the funds or the budget allocated to the state and install the statue. How his lives are shattered by his desire… The story of ‘Johar’ is how many such survivors fell to the ground to erect the huge statue.

Browse ‘movies on Aha’ and find ‘Johar’ in ‘Telugu movies’

Artistes’ Performances:

In terms of acting, Ishwari Rao, ShubhalekhaSudhakar and Chaitanyakrishna were impressed a lot. They gave their best for justice to the soul of the movie.


TejaMarni visually directed the film impressively. In terms of budget it is low, but you never feel like that while watching it anywhere in the film. Photography is too good. The editing went nicely without the confusion between all the little stories. The background music failed to elevate the emotional scenes. Some conversations are good.


The way the director shows how different characters are influenced by the same event in a storytelling style is the main highlight to the movie.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Ankit Koya, Esther Anil, ShubhalekhaSudhakar, Chaitanya Krishna, NainaGanguly, Ishwari Rao etc.

Story, Screenplay & Direction: TejaMarni



Producer:Sandeep Marni, Ratnaji Rao Marni

Release:OTT Aha movies exclusive


A genuine attempt with the new storyline will give much entertainment and inspiration

Browse ‘movies on Aha’ and find ‘Johar’ in ‘Telugu movies’.

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