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A Mother-Child Parking Stop Is Convenient

Since there are currently no regulations on mother-child parking in the road traffic regulations, parking offenders do not have to fear any penalties. Therefore, it is unfortunately still far too often to park there for convenience to save themselves the other trip.

This isn’t very pleasant for parents who then lose out on their offspring. If you observe such a case, however, you have no legal recourse against the driver. By parking in the mother-child parking lot, the driver does not commit an administrative offense. The signs with clear symbols leave no doubt as to the purpose of such parking blocks. So, it is not an official traffic sign, the disregard of which would result in a fine.

Angry parents and other fellow citizens can only speak directly to the car’s driver in such a case. Or you can leave a note on the windshield concerning the parking space. In principle, one cannot accuse every driver of willful misconduct. Even if you don’t see an infant carrier when you look through the car window in the back seat, it could be a mother with her child.

The age up to which small children should be allowed to use the mother-child parking lot also creates conflict. Can parents with eight-year-old offspring be expected to use a standard parking lot? Many would answer this question in the affirmative. In principle, however, it is up to the parents to decide whether they need the conveniently located parking space or not. Anyone who is traveling without a child and is looking for a standard parking space shows consideration.

What To Do After A Car Accident

A slight carelessness, a slippery road, or the end of a traffic jam around a curve – accidents can happen quickly in traffic. How do you behave appropriately after a car accident?

Parking spaces on publicly accessible private property can define usage regulations for the parking spaces. It can be used to regulate who is allowed to park in the mother-child parking lot. Such precautions are helpful to reserve specially marked parking bays for parents with their children.