Condo Or Townhome Rama 9: Which One is The Better Investment and Why

The first investment property for any property and real estate investment is a major decision. You have to keep in mind a number of factors like location, architecture, size, price, amenities, and even lifestyle for assessing the amount of profit that you can make from the property down the line. If you have to choose from a multifamily building, you have to decide whether to take a Townhome Rama 9 [ทาวน์โฮม พระราม9, which is the term in Thai] or a condo. Right now, ownership of a townhome can be much more profitable than owning a condo or apartment. 

Low investment

The first factor that matters for the investors is the amount you have to pay to purchase the property. Townhouses always cost lesser than single-detached houses. As you can now imagine, if you can minimize the purchase price now, you can enhance the profit volume once the prices of the apartments in the area go up. You have to take a smaller mortgage to buy now, which will lower the monthly payment amounts. Some townhouses do not ask for maintenance fees, but some can have a community that the Condominium Corporations lead. In such townhomes, you may need to pay the maintenance fees.

Flexibility of residing

In high-rise condos, you will get maintenance benefits. But the townhouses offer the benefit of comparatively bigger space and also more flexibility in comparison to a condo suit. You can get a multi-level home indoors with bedrooms of considerable sizes, and you will also get full bathrooms and a living room along with the kitchen. In maximum townhomes, you get the basement area too. The additional space with the same maintenance assistance as the condos often make these the ideal choice for young couples and families. Unlike the high-rise condos, you can show the rooms for kids, which turn out to be a significant factor in finding the buyers quickly.