11 Tips To Clean And Care For Leather Car Seats Like A Pro

One of the top Mercedes 450SL upholstery choices of most clients is leather. Most of them go for natural leather more than leatherette. This is because leatherette generally does not have a long lifespan while real leather if taken care of properly, can outlast the vehicle it’s installed on. Below are some ways you can keep your leather seats in top shape.

Regular dry wiping

You need to use a chamois or other non-scratching fabric for this. Pay special attention to spots which your hair usually touches while you are riding in the car. It is good to do regular dry wiping to remove debris that may be left on the surface of the leather after you’ve sat on it. This way, it won’t rub against the leather’s surface when you sit on it again.

Deep cleaning every 3-6 months

Deep cleaning is recommended for leather seats every three to six months. This keeps the leather odor, scratch and tear-free. While much is done with regular wipe downs, deep cleaning can keep it looking new for years. Conditioning after deep cleansing also makes sure that your leather is properly moisturized.

Conditioning after cleaning

Conditioning after cleaning is essential. This is because real leather is essentially animal skin. When you forget to moisturize your own skin, you produce creases, cracks and sometimes, wounds. The same can happen to your leather seats. You also protect it against UV rays when you condition.

Drying well

When you daily clean or deep clean, you may come across “wet” phases. This is when you wipe down your upholstery with wet cleaning agents. Drying in between each phase and after the entire process is essential. Conditioning wet upholstery is generally ineffective and could even cause molds. You just need to air dry your upholstery and wait from 1-24 hours. This will depend on how porous your leather seats were, and how much moisture you applied.

Vacuuming creases

When there is visibly more debris than your regular soft rag could pick up, vacuuming becomes essential. Make sure you do this regularly, even when it is not a deep cleaning schedule. This way, the grime won’t crust over your leather seats and you will not attract pests.

Having car windows tinted

It is also advisable for you to have your car windows tinted when you have leather seats. While conditioners provide a sort of UV protection, nothing beats the protection of tinted windows especially if your car with Mercedes 450sl upholstery is parked in a roofless spot.

Checking for dirt daily

Religiously check for dirt or debris on the surface of your 450sl upholstery seats to keep it immaculate. The sooner you are able to wipe off the dirt, the more protected your seats are.

Avoiding wounds in leather

Whenever possible, avoid wearing anything with sharp edges. This can be detrimental to your leather seats. At the same time, if you are loading bags with anything that could dent or wound your leather, keep it in the trunk.

Using legitimate cleaners

It is strongly recommended to use legitimate, commercial cleaners if you are cleaning your leather seats. Buy the best ones you can afford or have professionals clean your seats for you.

Using legitimate conditioners

Conditioners can also make or break your leather seats. Use a product that is too strong and you can end up damaging your seats. It is best to stick with reliable brands.

Repairing scratches and tears right away

Whenever you spot tears in your seats, have it professionally repaired right away. Prolonging the waiting period can just make the damage worsen.

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