Dandruff In Men, Causes And Treatment

Almost all of us faces the dandruff issues once in our life. There are some causes which produces the dandruff into our scalp. Knowing about the reason of the dandruff before the treatment is important. The barbershop Brooklyn is serving you with a guide that is rich in the tips for getting rid of dandruff. All of the tips are simple and effective for each of us. Keep yourself engaged with the blog and know about the causes, symptoms along with the treatment of dandruff in men.

Causes Of Dandruff In Men

According to the the barber shop Brooklyn knowing about the causes of hair issues is crucial for getting the proper treatment accordingly. When we mention about dandruff its important to mention about its causes. Dandruff not just happened but it is caused by some other issues

Irritated Or Oily Scalp Type

There is a misconception that dandruff is caused by the dryness of skin. But dandruff is caused by the oily or bad scalp type. Or we can also say that dandruff is caused when your scalp is not healthy enough. When your scalp produces the oil then the chances of of getting dandruff increases.

Not Shampooing

If you are not possessive for the hygiene of your scalp then there are more chances of getting dandruff. We are not saying that you have to shampoo on daily basis. But shampooing your hair twice or thrice in a week is crucial and highly recommended.

Not Eating Healthy

Excessive amount of fast food in your diet becomes the cause of dandruff and other hair issues. Along with this if you are having diet which is absent in protein minerals and vitamins then the chances of getting dandruff increases.

Hot Water Bath

Hot water is the most neglected cause of the dandruff. If you are not receiving the sudden dandruff in your hair you must check the temperature of water which you are using for bath. Most of these studies say that hot water open the skin pores which in result produces the excess oil and hence dandruff.

Symptoms Of Dandruff In Men

Dandruff can be noticed easily even if you are not willing to notice it. Some of the clear symptoms are mentioned by the barbershop Brooklyn

  • There is a possibility that you notice the itchy scalp which is a symptom of excess amount of dandruff in your hair.
  • You are wearing black colored shirt and notice the dust type particles on your shoulder, it’s dandruff
  • Moreover you may also feel that flakes and other patches on the scalp.
  • The presence of dandruff can also be noticed within the ears, on eyebrows and as well as on moustache

Treatment Of Dandruff In Men

Moving ahead in this guide which is presented to you by master class barbershop Brooklyn, the next point to discuss is the treatment of dandruff in men. After reading the causes of dandruff you may got 80% of idea that how to treat it. In order to treat the issues from its root knowing about the causes is crucial. Without wasting any time let’s jump to the treatment of dandruff in men

Clean Towel

Most of the time a person feels the itchy scalp due to the bad selection of towel. Maybe you shared your towel with someone and then faces the dandruff for itchiness in your scalp. Therefore it is highly recommended to use your personal towel which should be cleaned

Right Hair Products

Use of the right hair product can avoid a wide range of hair issues in you. For the selection of right hair products you must know about your skin type and the type of your hair strands. If you are blessed with the oily skin then you must select the products with some dry effect. While on the other hand in the case of dry skin you must select some milky products.

Don’t Share Your Comb

Not only comb all of your hair accessories should be separate when someone is facing the dandruff issue. Using need and personal hair accessories reduces the chances of getting dandruff and itchy scalp.

Follow Home Remedies

Most of the time following the proper home remedies can avoid the the causes of hair dandruff. Getting rid from the hair dandruff along with the other issues becomes much easy by following simple home remedies. Within the home remedies you will find the oiling with honey and milk. Egg mask and coconut oil is highly recommended for the dandruff. According to the professionals of barbershop Brooklyn you must add coconut oil along with olive and almond oil in the home remedies. Selecting any one of them for your remedy can also be a good approach

Eating Healthy

Within causes of dandruff in men we clearly mentioned that not eating healthy food can be a reason of this issue. Therefore this treatment is going to be reverse of the cost that is you have to eat healthy in order to get rid of dandruff. Try to take diet which is rich in vitamins along with the minerals and protein. Protein should be the basic ingredient of your diet because it directly affect the health of your hair. Addition of of calcium can also help to reduce the hair issues in a man.


Living with dandruff can be an irritating and embarrassing stage of our life. In men hiding the dandruff for coping with it becomes in difficult and even impossible sometimes if not treated at time. Therefore the professionals of barbershop Brooklyn and are highly recommended to get a treatment at the right time. Within this guide we are mentioning the causes along with the symptoms of dandruff in men. Not only are this but us also mentioning the solution to this problem. By reading the treatment section of this blog you can know about the tapes and the habits which you must adopt to get rid of dandruff quickly.


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