faux hawk

Men’s haircut “Faux Hawk” can be done by the master in just 5 minutes. Therefore, do not neglect the opportunity to make yourself a fashionable haircut for the summer, because it is not long, and a man who looks after himself always attracts the attention of women!

Today, the men’s haircut “Faux Hawk” is one of the most popular and fashionable hairstyles for men of almost any age. It is worn by Hollywood stars, pop singers, and famous athletes.

The main feature of the “Faux Hawk” is a rather large amount of hair in the forehead and crown. At the same time,hair on the nape and temples is much shorter.

Transitions from hair areas with a thick layer to areas that are cut short, are carried out smoothly. Therefore, the “Faux Hawk” looks so neat and elegant. It will ideally fit into the look of a modern dandy: simple, but elegant and with a claim to sophisticated aristocracy In Midtown Barbershop.

Haircut “Faux Hawk” is quite universal, but, nevertheless, is not suitable for every man. Much depends on the characteristics of personal style and type of person.

What is the Faux Hawk? This haircut is suitable for men with virtually any type of hair. But the Faux Hawk haircut looks especially impressive on the owners of wavy hair.

True, most likely this will require fixing the hair with a gel.

What you should pay attention to is the shape of the face. What shape of face is suitable to the Faux Hawk hairstyle? First of all, an oval face. The Faux Hawk will also look greatly on a man with a round face.

As for age, the “Faux Hawk” is suitable for both a boy and a young guy, and even an elderly man. Young people prefer to do this haircut with hair highlighting or hair dyeing. It turns out very cool and fashionable.

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