Top 10 New Year gifts to the long-distance lover

We don’t know about you. But we are definitely excited about the upcoming holiday season. During this period, we are sure your winter nights are usually taken up by static, stress, and holiday shopping traffic. Are we missing something else? There’s more right? Oh yes, bundling up in coats, dancing under the sparkling lights, and waiting to open presents!! Yes, the word is out. Just like us, your loved ones including your long-time partners are also anticipating the best New Year and Christmas gifts online

Say no more. We are here with the top 8 holiday presents that you can gift your people this year. Come, let’s take a look: 

Cashmere Sweater 

Name one gift that keeps everything nice and cosy. Yes, you guessed that correct. Anything and everything cashmere makes the perfect New Year gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Plus, gifting a cashmere sweater in winter will give you extra brownie points. So, grab this comfiest sweater for your near and dear ones to keep them warm and snuggly during the long holiday break. 

Assorted Chocolate Box 

It’s time to welcome everyone’s guilty pleasure- chocolates with open arms and huge smiles. So, shower your love on your near and dear ones this holiday season with a wholesome box of their favourite chocolates. Go for an assorted chocolate box to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with them with truckloads of sweetness. 

Fire Pits 

Hey there! Huddle up with your favourite people around a fire pit on a chilly winter night. It is a must-have to turn up the heat on every nighttime party with your gang. It is one of the perfect new year’s gifts for your husband who loves partying. Choose a well-crafted pit with a sleek design that can amp up their outdoor space. 

Buddha Board 

Raise your hands if your loved ones plan to go into the zen-mode this holiday season. Well, if that’s the case, you’re in sheer luck. But how? You can simply let them take their time off in a calming state of mind. This season, give them a Buddha board that lets them surrender to their artistic side in peace. It is one of the creative Christmas gifts that will work as a therapy to relax their mind by drawing and painting. 

Pocket Polaroid Printer 

We all have someone, be it in your squad or family that is a hoarder of pictures, old or new. They might hold their photo albums dearly, but they will also adore an instant picture print at the same time. So, pamper your photo lovers with a pocket polaroid printer this holiday season. Gift it to them and watch them capture millions of memories in a single snapshot. How amazing is that now? 

Streaming Stick 

Are your loved ones planning to spend the entire holiday season snuggled in bed binge-watching Christmas movies? Well, well. We have some good news for you. If your special ones take their movie marathon seriously every holiday season, it is a great time to surprise them with a streaming stick. It is one of the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone who prefers to stay low-key every year. 

Karaoke Microphone 

This holiday season, sing along with your closest pals to bring in the celebrations of the new year on a chilly night. Make a smashing entry at the house party with a karaoke microphone for your lovelies. Put your hands up and swag along with them to the lyrics of every song at the comfort of sitting at home. What a great way to celebrate the day with lots of laughter and songs no? Hell yes, it is! 

Pillow Massager 

A pillow massager is what your wife needs after her long working hours. In fact, it is the perfect New Year’s gift for your wife who often struggles to find peace for herself  . So, surprise her with this gift of ultimate relaxation to help let her de-stress herself after an exhausting day. Trust us, it is, hands down, one of the best new years gifts anyone can ask for! 

So, what are you waiting for? The mood is set. The cold champagne is out. Kickstart the holiday season with your loved ones in your cosiest knits. Give them a warm hug and shower your love on them with the above-mentioned presents to bring a smile on their faces. You can easily look for Christmas gifts online or new year gifts online to ensure hassle-free shopping. Happy holidays, lovelies! 🙂