How to Iron A Shirt That Has Prints

Print on T-Shirt by just using an ordinary iron! Heat Press ...

Ironing clothes at home is one thing that always needs to be done. A large number of clothes require constant ironing to make them look the right way. Maybe you thought that the shirts do not have to be ironed, and the truth is that you are wrong. Depending on the fabric it has, it will also require ironing.If the t-shirt you want to iron has a central print or several, everything can get a little more complicated. These prints are entirely synthetic, and if you don’t roll your shirt the right way, it will end up being a mess and ruin the shirt. Here are some tips to a guide you so you don’t have to mistakenly design a shirt with the iron.

Regulates the Temperature and Steam of The Iron

We have previously discussed how much damage high temperature can do to sensitive tissue since, in this case, the same will happen.

With the shirts with prints on the parts in which there is only fabric, you can apply a higher temperature if you wish, but in the print area, you must lower the heat. Sometimes the print wrinkles, and you can fix it with the lowest temperature of your iron.

Iron Your Shirt Inside Out

The best way not to ruin the print on your shirt is to turn the shirt over and do all the ironing backward. This way, you will be in direct contact with the fabric, but not with the print itself. In this way, the entire shirt will be ironed and without risk of damage.

Put A Cloth Over the Shirt.

It is possible that your shirt, in addition to having a print, its fabric is very sensitive to heat, like a tote bag material. In these cases, you should use a protective layer that will be a thread cloth. This will serve as a heat insulator and will still be ironed.

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