How To Wear Wide Pants

Prepare yourself; the wide pants will invade the streets and our dressing room at the same time. This delightfully retro model has made a comeback this fall, ready to become the must-have of the summer. If the essential slim stuck to our skin, the wide pants give the look and have the advantage of being suitable for all morphs provided that we find the right model and the right accessories. It is worn during the day, in the chic version in the evening, in casual mode: it adapts to all situations.

How To Wear It

High-waisted version, it highlights the waist and refines the silhouette. Little morphs will wear it with ankle boots or wedge sandals to visually lengthen their legs. The material should also not be too heavy because it might visually grow. Luscious women will be able to emphasize their size and enhance their forms by wearing a flexible shirt tucked into wide pants.

You can find this type of pants in several forms: the culottes, oversized pants par excellence, is worn short, cut pants (สั่งตัดกางเกง which is the term in Thai), and ends above the ankles. The palazzo pants, very chic, accompany the movements of the body and give a lot of gait to the gait. Tight at the waist, it is long and wide from the hips. Suitable for all occasions, we wear it with a white t-shirt and a perfect for a casual look, with a bodysuit or a lace top for a chic evening and with a shirt for an office look.