Lightweight Laptops are Worth Owning

Laptops have long been rid of the traditional sense of heaviness. Major manufacturers are trying to make laptops thinner. The HONOR Magic laptops are thin and light. Its MagicBook 14 and MagicBook 15 have a high market share.

With its light and thin design, HONOR MagicBook series is a good choice for many users.

The HONOR MagicBook 14 Reelon Edition is the latest in the “HONOR Notebook” series. Its biggest change appears in appearance. Compared with the HONOR MagicBook of the past, the four corners of this laptop are more square. The metal body has a thickness of only 15.9 mm. Its weight is 1.38 kg. This makes the HONOR MagicBook 14 Ryzen version textured and not heavy in hand. When matched with the 65W detachable double-headed Type-C pocket charger with a weight of only 160g, the portability performance is better.

The design of side A is simple and elegant. The blue LOGO located in the middle left is clear and simple. There are no other redundant designs before that.

If the user is a careful person, he can see that the CNC diamond cutting process combines the bright blue section of the border under the two-color anodizing treatment. This reflects the brand LOGO. This brings the exquisite artwork to this laptop.

The fuselage was deployed with a three-sided narrow frame design of 4.8 mm on the upper, left and right sides. A 14-inch screen was installed on the basis of the 13-inch fuselage. It brings users the experience of small volume, convenient carrying but wider vision.

It supports the opening and closing angle of the screen of about 180 degrees. It gives the screen a sufficient buffer space to open. This can avoid the problem of damaging the screen due to excessive opening angle. The screen with an opening and closing angle of about 180 is more convenient to share and watch the screen with others.

This 1080P IPS anti-glare screen has passed the German Rhine low blue light certification. It is not a wide color gamut. The actual look and feel is quite transparent and bright.

Many users have to stare at the screen for several hours during work. Anti-glare eye protection screen is important. It can relieve eye fatigue and protect eyes. Low blue light eye protection screens have been able to appear on more and more digital products.

In the F keypad of the keyboard, a push-type camera that has received favorable comments from many users has been added. This design is the basis for realizing the narrow border on three sides of the screen. Moreover, compared with other designs that place the camera on the lower frame of the screen, the whole machine will look more beautiful.

The press-type hidden camera well solves the problem of protecting the privacy of users. It pops up when the camera is needed and retracts when it is not needed. A clever design perfectly realizes the three effects of narrow borders on three sides of the screen and high safety and beauty.

This laptop has rich interfaces, including a Type-C interface, two USB interfaces, a 3.5 mm earphone microphone interface and an HDMI interface, which are enough to meet the needs of daily connection of various devices.

Who cannot love this light, fashionable and easy-to-use laptop?

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