Protection Of Your Smartphone

First and foremost, you should also use common sense when dealing with mobile devices. Also, you can take the following measures.

SIM, Key, And Screen Lock

These lock functions form the essential protection for your smartphone and should be activated in any case. A four-digit PIN or password should be selected for the screen lock. Unlocking by “swiping” or a pattern is too unsafe and therefore not recommended.

The SIM card should also be protected from unauthorized access with a PIN. Be sure to choose a different PIN than the one for the screen lock. Modern smartphones offer the locking function via fingerprint, eye scanner, or face recognition.

The key lock prevents the mobile phone from becoming independent in the pocket or handbag and functions from being used unintentionally. But when you forget your password for tracphones, you might have to unlock trackfone wireless USA phones.


Are you sure you don’t let anyone into your apartment? Then you shouldn’t just randomly load apps onto your smartphone or tablet. The installation of apps from unknown sources should not be allowed. Before downloading, check which access the app receives when it is run. Be suspicious of asking for too many permissions.

Don’t let installed apps update themselves. There is a risk that you will lose track of the legal authorizations and accesses. Make sure that apps only have the permissions that they need for their function.

Operating System And Software

Always keep your smartphone’s operating system up to date. Install security and system updates as soon as they are available. You should also install anti-virus programs on your smartphone and tablet. Many programs already offer good protection in the free version.

Do not open e-mails and file attachments from unknown sources. Beware of MMS from unknown senders. Delete them immediately, as this is the way scammers send malware. Hackers are also on the move in instant messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Again, only communicate with trustworthy people.

Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Activate wireless interfaces only when you need them. Only use hotspots that you trust. Do without an automated connection and always log in to free WIFI hotspots manually. For sensitive applications, such as your mobile banking, it is better not to use hotspots for security reasons.

Do not connect two Bluetooth devices in places with free WI-FI or where there are many people.

Sell ​​Device

If you want to sell your smartphone or tablet, delete all personal data and information beforehand. This includes contacts, conversation histories, SMS, MMS, photos, videos, and WhatsApp chats. If necessary, dispose of the SIM card properly.