Do You Want To Move To Virginia? Here area Few Reasons Why It is a Great Decision!

Do you know why the place was named Virginia? The state has been named after the Virgin Queen of England Elizabeth I and is also commonly considered as the nation’s birthplace. Virginia state is known for its rich history.

Back in the year 1619, for the first time, Thanksgiving took place here in Virginia. For 3 centuries our country’s ancestors were calling Virginia home. Now the state is quite different from what it was about 300 years ago. If you are planning to move to Virginia, then you are certainly coming to the right state to live.

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The following are a few good reasons why you must make a plan to move to Virginia state.

1.     Wonderful seasons

Surely, you will find it cold during the winter season but snowfall is quite moderate. Summers are also hot but you will find many amazing lakes, rivers, and beaches. In Virginia, the spring and fall seasons are really nice to enjoy.

2.     Wonderful mountains

Within few hours from almost any place in Virginia, it is possible to reach any of the beautiful mountains of the world.

3.     Wonderful beach

You can find many beaches in this state and all of them can be reached within half a day’s drive from any location of Virginia that you may be living.

4.     Very good economy

According to the Washington Post,  Virginia has been called the best state of the US so far as managing your budget shortfall is concerned. When the whole world was reeling under economic recession Virginia was the only state that could manage its economy very well.

5.     Best education facility

Virginia state offers the best colleges and schools and ranks 7th in the nation for k-12 schools.

6.     Great place for your retirement

Virginia is the best place to retire as the cost of living in this state is 7% below the average of the nation. The crime rate of this place is extremely low and a very good housing facility is available.

7.     Best food available

Virginia is proud to have a few of the best places for eating biscuits, BBQ, fried chicken, etc. You can find many great restaurants for dining in Virginia.

8.     Best hospitals

There are a few world-class hospitals that are nationally acclaimed hospitals located in this state including specialties like neonatology and cardiology.

9.     Do you love horses?

If you love horse-riding activity then you can find steeplechase, polo, and many other horse shows and also competitions.

10.                        Music

Bristol, Virginia is known as the place of birth for music in this country. This is the place where the first recordings were made by a few well-known artists.

If you are already living in Virginia then you know nothing was exaggerated and nothing that was mentioned was not known to you.