Richard Zahn: Why Joining the Military Is A Good Thing

What You Should Know Before You Join the Military |

If you have an interest in serving your country, the Armed Forces may be a good option for you. The armed forces provide essential services to protect our country from external threats and maintain order at home. Whether you’re interested in being a pilot, medical assistant, or something else, there are many different roles within the military.

But before you decide, it’s important to understand why joining the military is a good thing. Here are the reasons from Richard Zahn on why you should consider joining if you have the desire to serve your country.

You Will Learn Important Skills

If you join the armed forces, you will be trained in many different skills that can be applied to many different jobs. For example, if you join the army, you will be trained in combat, logistics, and first aid, just to name a few.

This means that you can build an extremely valuable skill set from one career, which can be applied to many different jobs in the future. In addition to these skills, you will also learn valuable leadership skills that can be applied in any sector.

You will then be expected to lead and manage a team, which is a skill that is often overlooked in other careers. In the future, these skills will be extremely valuable to you and will set you apart from other candidates. You will have a distinct advantage over someone who doesn’t have these skills.

You Will Build Confidence

Joining the military will help build your confidence in a number of ways. You will be surrounded by like-minded people who are there to help you achieve your goals. This can be particularly helpful if you are shy and need time to find your feet.

You will also be given a sense of responsibility and have to make important decisions that can help you gain confidence in your own abilities. You will be surrounded by people who will support you no matter what happens.

Finally, the process of applying to the military will give you a reason to reach your goals. You will need to demonstrate your potential to be accepted into the military, which will help you apply the same determination to other goals in the future.

You Will Make Friends for Life

Lastly, joining the military will help you make friendships for life, both with the people around you and with people you may meet in the future. If you join the army, you will often go on training exercises with your unit. During these exercises, you will be expected to work together and support each other. You will forge strong bonds with the people you work with that can last a lifetime.

If you join the air force, you will be expected to become a part of a “wing”, a group of people assigned to the same project. You will be expected to work together as a team and help each other succeed. These friendships can be extremely valuable in the future. They can help you find a job, move cities, or even find love.

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