The fashion industry is the hotbed of design innovation. It is a huge industry that is ancient and yet fast involving, adapting around new technologies transforming into the digital era. Be it robots that sew the fabric to artificial intelligence algorithms that resize, predict the fabric, virtual reality mirrors in trial rooms. Fashion is now easy, more personalized with the help of computerization.

Automation of fashion designing with the help of technology.

The understanding of the customer’s needs and attitude is a pivotal goal for all of the fashion world and it has improved with the introduction of tech. as data collection methods have gone more sophisticated as artificial intelligence is reshaping the brand and how it approaches the development and designing of a particular product. It is so much easier to predict what the target pool of customers will require next. The algorithms learn and read the style of the subject creating a final virtual prototype of the product. It is easy to customize different sizes of clothing enabling a high degree of personalization for everyone. On a more macro level, it allows the brand to predict the fashion trends in a much broader spectrum based on the history of its client purchase.

Get instant mental gratification from fast fashion with artificial intelligence online.

The coming era of fashion is all about personalization and predicting the right style. With more complicated and developed algorithms trend hunting is now possible. Much like many other global apps, 12Tees is an online platform where it now easy to design a uniform, resize it, cut pants [สั่งตัดกางเกง, which is the term in Thai] and shirts or any other apparel to the desired size. One can go on their website, choose a template or the desired design and mention the right size needed. Viola, your personalized clothing is ready to be manufactured. Yes! It is that easy.