Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss

We all believe that hearing loss happens with growing age if no other accident. But this concept is wrong. It’s not the rigid fact that we have to face hearing loss at some specific time in our life. But we can prevent hearing loss in different ways. The forest hills audiology is presenting a complete guide due to which you can protect the blessing in you.

To know about several ways to prevent hearing loss in you, keep yourself engaged with the blog till the end. 

  • Avoid loud noises
  • Take care of ears when listening to music
  • Protect your ear during loud events and in some activities
  • Follow precautions at work
  • Regular checkup of hearing

Keep reading the guide by the forest hills audiology and know about the explanation of all of these points. It’s going to help you in different areas.

Avoid Loud Noises

Within the list of the prevention of hearing loss, the first one under discussion is avoiding loud noises. It is the best approach and care for protecting hearing loss. Most people face the hearing loss issue due to their interaction with loud noises. Maybe a question pops up in your mind that how much loud is too much loud for the human ear. For answering this question I am here with some points.

  • In some sound, if you have to raise your voice to be heard by someone, it means the background sound is actually noise
  • Similarly, if you are not understanding the voice of some other person it again reflects that the background sound is noise
  • If some sound is hurting your ear, it’s too much loud for the human ear to bear
  • Continuous feeling of ringing or muffled ears under some circumstances means the loudness of sound

Moving ahead, if you are willing to know about the measuring of sound to check its loudness then keep reading. Know that noise levels are measured in the decibels units. The number of this unit is directly proportional to the noise. In simple words, if the number of unit is higher, it state that noise is louder. Any sound which increases up to 85dB is highly harmful for the human ear (if ears are exposed to it for too long)

For more clear concepts, read the following points by forest hills audiology

  • Whispering is of 30dB
  • conversation if of 60dB
  • busy traffic –ranges 70 to 85dB
  • motorbike is 90dB
  • headphones – 100 to 110dB, if you are hearing on the loud level
  • plane taking off if of 120dB

More Ways To Check Loudness

There is a wide range of the application over the internet from which you can check the loudness or noise level. For this purpose, you have to manage the overall settings. Some of the applications are paid while most of them are free to use for the users.

Take Care Of Ears When Listening To Music

Moreover, loud music through headphones or earphones affects the hearing ability of a person. It is highly recommended to use the headphones on some low volume. Also, some of the recommendations are mentioned by the forest hills audiology, have a look at these

  • Use high-quality headphones with the options to cancel the noise. Don’t select the earphones or headphones that just turn up the volume to fade the other voices
  • Listen to the music at the normal volume, it’s a good approach to protect your hearing ability.
  • Low down the volume when the sound starts hurting the ears
  • Listening the music at 60% is suitable for the human ear. For this, you have to select the devices with the option to manage the volume
  • Never use the headphones for too long. The suitable time to use headphones is from one to two hours. When the limit of listening to music exceeds the limit, it’s a damage to hearing ability.

Any carelessness in the mentioned precautions can cause permanent hearing loss. Therefore, the audiologist of forest hills audiology spread the awareness related to the music.

Protect Your Ear During Loud Events And In Some Activities

Prevention of hearing loss includes some points which we should keep in mind in loud activates. The forest hills audiology is presenting some simple ways to cope with the conditions

  • Moving away from the loud noises and from sources of loud noises is the best thing 
  • Taking a break from the noise after each 15 minute is the best prevention of the hearing loss
  • Wearing earplugs is another easy and simple prevention to follow. For this purpose, you can purchase high-quality plugs
  • 18 hours break after the noise exposure is again the simple prevention for each of us to follow.

Follow Precautions At Work

If you work in a location which is full of noise and loudness then taking the safety precaution is crucial. Firstly, you must discuss the situation in which your HR department installs systems to prevent hearing loss. Additionally, some of the other precautions are mentioned by forest hills audiology such as

  • Switching the systems with the latest ones which are more quite, if possible
  • If you can avoid the loud, then use the earplug to keep your ear protected
  • Avoid the noise exposure by taking regular breaks
  • You must provide hearing protection to all the employees such as earmuffs
  • Use hear protection accessories which are must to use in your job

Regular Checkup Of Hearing

It is crucial to mention that you must go for a regular hearing checkup. If you noticed any of the hearing loss symptoms, waste no time to consult the audiologists. In this way, you can get the proper medication at the right time.

To Wrap It Up

Hearing loss can be prevented by fading all of its causes. The forest hills audiology is presenting the areas in which you should adapt the safety precautions. The overall blog is mentioning the points in which you can prevent hearing loss. All of the mentioned methods are much simple and easy to follow by each person. 


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