Why is the Steel Solvent Trap the Best Choice for Cleaning

Many people prefer getting quality products to cheaper ones because of the durability and service delivery of the item. For instance, equipment used for critical tasks such as maintenance of security ought to be of the best quality to deliver the required service. No one would want to risk having a malfunctioning firearm, mainly if you use it in your line of work.

So what products should you get for your firearm cleaning procedure?

It’s essential to clean your firearm frequently, primarily if you use it often. This helps in improving the performance and efficiency of your firearm. However, the need to clean your firearm is also affected by several factors. Before you schedule firearm clean-up sessions, you should consider the number of times you use it, the type of the firearm, the exposure to moisture, and much more.

These factors help you in choosing the number of times that you’ll clean up your firearm. In addition, it would be best to be aware of the proper procedure for cleaning your firearm. With all that in mind, how would you choose a firearm cleaning kit? Is a steel solvent trap an ideal selection?

Steel Solvent Trap

Many firearm owners prefer going for a steel solvent trap to the other options made of different metals. The reason behind it primarily lies in the material and the additional features. Some of the features of steel solvent traps include;

• They are made of steel which is a durable material

• They are heavier than the aluminum solvent traps

• They have excellent finishes

• They have small diameters

• They are longer than other solvent traps

• They provide more room for routine firearm cleaning.

What Qualifies Steel Solvent Trap as the Best Choice?

Steel solvent traps are regarded as the best firearm cleaning solution because they offer users more than the typical cleaning routine. Some selling factors of these solvent traps include;


Steel makes these solvent traps more durable. It is a solid and heavy metal that can withstand pressure from impact, making this solvent trap almost damage-proof. The steel is also less prone to rust or corrosion caused by moisture. It is mainly influenced by the excellent finishes that are done on the solvent traps.

Extra Room

Steel solvent traps are somewhat longer compared to the typical solvent traps. This length provides extra room for cleaning your firearm as it can trap additional solvent, debris, and dirt. It also reduces the time you’ll use to get rid of any solvent in your firearm.

Perfect Fit

Steel solvent traps have small diameters which fit perfectly on the muzzle of your firearm. This gives a firmer grip on the barrel, making the cleaning process more efficient since no spills will occur within the procedure.

How to Choose the Right Solvent Trap for You

It would be best if you considered some factors before shopping for any solvent traps in Armory Den. Some of the things to take note of while placing your steel solvent trap order include;

i. The size of your muzzle

ii. The type of your firearm

iii. Material of the solvent trap

iv. Number of storage cups included

v. Length of solvent trap

vi. Measurements of the thread mount adapter

vii. Finishing and compatibility of the solvent trap.

Call Armory Den today and place your steel solvent trap order!

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