What To Do During An Uninsured Motorist Accident

Every state in America has a law that requires motorists to have insurance if they choose to drive. Despite the laws being present on a national level, hearing of an uninsured motorist on the road isn’t uncommon. More alarmingly, many uninsured drivers end up in accidents with people who choose to abide by the law. 

If you recently got into an accident involving an uninsured motorist, it’s easy to feel lost when it comes to liability. The uninsured party might not have any money to give, and truth be told, you might have reason to believe that you don’t have a case.

Insurance companies have uninsured motorist coverage specifically for this reason. Before you walk away and assume that you should just call your insurance company, take a deep breath. You may have options you don’t even know about. Here’s what you should do, starting from the scene of the accident. 

  • Before you do anything else, call the police. Regardless of who is at fault, the police need to know about the accident. This isn’t even about the fact that the uninsured party committed a crime by going on the road; it’s about making sure that you have official witness testimony and to ensure that your accident has paperwork with it. 
  • Exchange information with the driver. You will need to get this information regardless. While cops will typically give it to you, it’s also a wise idea to ask for it yourself. This is also a good time to take photos of the accident and jot down notes about the location it occurred.
  • Do not apologize to anyone at the scene of the accident. An apology can be interpreted as an admission of fault. Rather than apologize, any sort of conversation should be strictly about the details.
  • Call your insurance company. Your insurance company needs to know there was an accident. When calling your insurers, do not apologize or admit fault. Just explain the details of the accident as it happened, and ask about your uninsured motorist coverage. If you have coverage, you may be able to get some compensation.
  • Get medical attention immediately. Personal injury lawsuits require ample amounts of proof of injury at the car accident. The only way to ensure that you have evidence of your car accident injury is to get it checked out by a qualified medical professional. 
  • Contact a car accident attorney. After you have been checked out by a doctor, your best bet is to call a car accident lawyer to discuss your options. Most lawyers will want to know that you were in an accident with an uninsured motorist, and will need to know details before they accept the case. 
  • Take care of yourself. While it’s always great to be aggressive in pursuing litigation, your health matters more. If you aren’t feeling your best to handle talking on the phone, make a point of prioritizing your health until your doctor clears you as capable for trial. 
  • File a personal injury lawsuit while you recover. Once your consultation is done, you will need to figure out who is liable, how much compensation you should ask for, and what you should do in court. This is where having a good car accident attorney will help you come into play.

Hire The Right Lawyer

When dealing with an uninsured motorist, getting a lawyer is absolutely vital. Without having good representation in court, it’s very easy to lose an otherwise winnable case. If you need figuring out your rights, finding the right law team is vital. You don’t have to go through this alone, so find the right lawyer for you today!

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